8 Lakh Versus Rs. 8 Thousand!

Well, well, well…. Long time no see, but I’m back with a post that is genuinely & immediately going to help all of you! In today’s (very informative) post, I’m going to talk about some of the MOST ICONIC luxury bags & their dupes. I could list more than 5, but I own these dupes personally so I can definitely vouch for them!

Let’s start with a disclaimer/education – What are dupes? Dupes usually are products from the high street that are similar in design to luxury/high end products. I see it as a cheaper alternative, for people who cannot afford luxury products, and wait till I tell you the prices of these bags! Zara, Frever21, H&M, Topshop, Koovs, etc – they all have dupes from designer brands. What is not correct is people selling copies with the same brand tag as the original – that is counterfeit & ILLEGAL & I will never support that.

Now, let’s quickly get to business and check out these bags!

1. J.W Anderson V/s Koovs

2. Chloe V/S Bags By Anqi

  • Link to dupe – here
  • Link to similar – here, here

3.  Chanel V/S Shein

4. Prada V/S Esbeda

I got this from the Esbeda store on Santa Cruz S.V. Road & unfortunately couldn’t find it on their website or anywhere online 🙁

5. Valentino V/S Bangkok! (LOL)

I hope this was helpful to all you girls who are on a budget yet want to look stylish! Let me know in the comments below which was your bag!