Jewellery and women…. women are jewellery ; they are inter-connected and two faces of the same coin. The word jewellery has some charm about it – that it never fails to fascinate women’s attention. You can simply understand the value of these alluring jewellery pieces just by seeing the plethora of jewellery shops available in every street of every city. From a girl’s own birth to the wedding of her grand children, a woman gets these jewellery accessories as gifts on every occasion of her life.

Be it conventional Kundan jewellery or a contemporary designer piece, we all have a big jewellery box which is filled with different kinds of jewellery.

Jewellery has always been a quintessential part of any woman’s dressing. Doesn’t matter whether she belongs to the rural world or urban era, every woman of every age, body type, colour, height or weight loves these fancy knick-knacks. Each jewellery piece is already defined and coordinated with a particular outfit. From ethnic to western, we got something for everything in our box. But every jewellery type has got its own allure.

There are a number of jewellery types which are a must-have in every woman’s collection.

Meenakari Jewellery

In the world where trends come, stay and vanish like they never existed; meenakari jewellery has its own kind of enigmatic fad which will never go out of fashion. From customary substantial gems pieces to stylish and current ones, everything is accessible in different styles. These meenakari adornments/pieces are ready to go with each event or occasion. Regardless of whether you coordinate these excellent pieces with your ethnic wear or a minimal dark dress, if done right, the look can do wonders for you.

Kundan Jewellery

Since the trends and patterns continue changing, you must get the most stylish and inclining kind of kundan jewellery. Broadly known for their enamouring claim and flexibility, the kundan jewellery sets are basically the best decision to combine with any sort of beguiling Indian ethnic wear. Likewise, these contemporary  adornments can be matched with some Indo-western dresses to add peculiarity and style to the entire gathering.

Pearl Jewellery

If you are someone who believes in sophistication more than showing off your fancy accessories, then pearl jewellery is for you. These jewellery pieces will make you feel like a royal queen and give an elegant look. The best part of pearls is that they blend well with almost every kind of attire and never fail to amuse women. Be it pink, white, lavender, they have a certain charm about them which no other jewellery can give.

Designer Jewellery

When we look up to our favourite celebrities for style inspiration, every actress we see is wearing one of these astonishing and marvellous  designer jewellery pieces. From Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, every other celebrity is giving us major jewellery goals. In order to maintain the same style and game and to up our glam level, these jewellery pieces are a must.

Hope with these beautiful jewellery pieces you are always ready to rock any event or gala!

***Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post and not written by me.