While everyone is thinking what to wear on New Year’s Eve and all the parties to attend, I have thought about the not-so-distant future and what you need to have in your wardrobe for 2018. I wanted to talk about the pieces that I have recently hauled in the month of December from Digital Dress Room that I will continue wearing next year….which is actually just a few days away. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the party dress, but that’s at the end of this post. And guess what? You can use my discount code  “NEHA15 “  for a flat 15% off when you shop these! So let’s jump right into it, shall we?


Gingham is surely ruling my trending pieces list – not only does it go with everything that is already there in my wardrobe, it is also the perfect size of checks. Honestly, gingham are the only checks I HAVE EVER WORN. I don’t like checks otherwise, as they are more distracting than flattering. Hence, there is no question of them not ruling the market for another season or two. Also, I have been enjoying the comfort and practicality of wrap around dresses lately. This combination is a total win-win and definitely a must have for me.

Buy it here : Dress


If you have seen my Instagram feed lately, you must’ve seen A LOT of red. Red is the new black for me for sure, no two ways about that – I have written a full blog post about it as well ( Read it here ) So, next year, I am going to take it a step forward and wear red on red! It is for the daring girl for sure, but red exudes power and I don’t know any girl who ain’t powerful in her own way. I particularly love this CHILL jumper and the red front zip skirt, they are both very versatile too, and I can see myself wearing them in a lot of different ways.

Buy it here : Sweatshirt  & Skirt 


How many of you have replaced tops with bodysuits? I have too many, they are meant to fit better and can definitely make you look slimmer. Last year was all about the scoop back, body con, lace and velvet bodysuits. I say, chuck ’em – they are too common now and I am kinda sick of them. For next year, try the single sleeve off shoulder + ruffled + floral + colourful concoction of a bodysuit that is multi purpose. I am going to wear this with so many things and I know it will look good – it is very fashion forward!

Buy it here : Bodysuit

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When I got these, the colours attracted me to it the most, isn’t it a gorgeous stand out piece? It is true that floral prints will always be in fashion, but a tropical version like this in a comfortable fit that doesn’t look drab is PERFECT to me. It also reminds me a little of the PJs trend. If you thought that was a good trend but too impractical in terms of wearing outside, you need to have these in your wardrobe. Fav new pants!

Buy it here : Pants

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tropical print pants, floral pants colorful ootd black crop top converse beach ootd indian blogger fashion blogger travel blogger fashion week style


I am sure you are expecting a gorgeous LBD…I mean who doesn’t look good in one? But like most of you describe my style as, I decided to bring you something unique. Like I mentioned before, bodycon is not for me. THIS! THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO WEAR on 31st December. And that’s all I would say about this STUNNING dress. 🙂

Buy it here : Dress

I have never done a single post with so many looks and pictures! Do you like this kind of a post with multiple looks? Which one is your favourite ? Will you try any of these looks ? Let me know in the comments below! Wishing all of you a Happy & successful New Year! <3