A few years ago, I used to dread the thought of ‘office shirts’ – the boring, pinstriped, cotton shirts in the same colors & patterns. But look how far we have come! Pinstripe shirts are all the rage right now, and you can wear them in so many different ways, especially backwards. The possibilities are genuinely endless – your boring office shirt can totally transform into a backwards shirt.

That is exactly what I did here. I took this regular blue & white pinstriped formal button down shirt and simply wore it backwards. Instead of buttoning the cuffs, I left them as is keeping in tune with the oversized sleeves trend. Seeing how this could be a casual take on a formal office shirt, I consciously paired the shirt with neutral colors (like how you would wear at work) but used very casual pieces. A khaki bodycon skirt, vanilla boots, beige quilted bag & beige shades complimented my shirt very well, letting it shine.

  Pro Tip:  Although you can try this look with any shirt you have, it is best that the shirt is a little oversized or a size bigger, otherwise wearing it reverse could be quite uncomfortable.

Like I said, the possibilities with a shirt are endless, and I hope to show you a lot more of my personal style and take on fashion.

Please let me know your thoughts and how you would wear this trend in the comments below.

Click on the images below to shop these amazing (& affordable) pieces that I’m loving right now to rock this look :


Outfit Details:

  • Shirt      : Mango
  • Skirt      : Forever21
  • Boots    : Zara
  • Shades : Zara

Thank you for reading loves and have a nice day! xoxo

10 thoughts on “The Backwards Shirt – Transform Your Office Shirt”

    1. Please do! And share your picture with me here or on Instagram! Would love to see how you wear this look! <3

  1. What a great idea! This will surely make my office wear productive for the weekend ! ?❤️

  2. Wooah! Great Idea.. good stufff !!
    The concept is avant-garde!
    keep up the good work!!

  3. Amazing…..!!!
    One of the coolest way to put on boring clothes….
    Wold be looking forward for more from you….
    We all need the re-usability of old boring stuff in our wadrobe… 😉

    1. I’m so happy you found this useful! Thank you for the support! Keep following for more posts coming soon ?

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